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Hello to you !

I have a suggestion to make, which I think will allow 
everyone to facilitate the gameplay, I explain. 
Those with big bases (I am part of them) have a 
huge amount of items in large vault rooms to store,
 the concern is that the storage 
blocks do not display the items inside. 
Ditto if the want to indicate a direction 
on the map, or to name a room that one would have built.

I propose to 
create some kinds of panels, maybe even 
2 types of panels:

> Panels that could be put on storage 
levels 1, 2 and more.

> Panels that could be put on foundations 
/ walls to indicate the name of a room for example.

> Signs that could be put on the map 
or even on big trees to indicate the way 
to follow by vehicle or on foot.

Here is my idea! I hope you enjoy it 
and that it will be appreciated by 
the community of Satisfactory, the best game.

I just specify that the panels should be editable and 
if possible with colors, bold, italic ...


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Meanwhile (I want  those sings too) you can do something like this so you can know what it is on the Containers:

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Is that a subtle flex we have here
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That only works for items though :P
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have the same issue with you, short term fix that solved it for me with the storage is making a really short conveyor belt go out the container so the item will sit on there and it will take only 2 items from the container.
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With my current storage mall built on the ground I've been putting a personal storage box on the ground in front of each box and dropping one item on top of the box as a label. If putting the boxes on foundations the box isn't necessary. (But I'd still place them because I use them to drop surplus from my inventory.)
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