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This may be subjective, and you may disregard it.

When I found that the cursor in the menus is drawn at an offset, I saved the game right after landing. When I reloaded the game and loaded my save, it started the landing sequence from the start.

This is really minor but would annoy a small number of people, so filing it just so that you have it on the radar for full release.
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Found this while testing the jump when exiting drop pod bug and I agree it is annoying. I was spawned into the world so there was really no reason to have to do that cut scene again.

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its still prevelent and also you get a second drop pod while doing so and AIDA seems to hate you for breaking the game and instead of letting you have 2 HUBs she denies you the ability to dismantle either one by not talking to you after landing :D
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