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The conveyor belts keep moving even when the items/resources going into whatever machine don't, just a minor bug but would like to see it fixed to add more realism to the game!
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It is visually annoying and it doesn't make sense. I had the same irritation with factorio's conveyors as well.

But if you consider from a gameplay point of view, this is a difficult issue to solve. If a line gets jammed for whatever reason, does the entire belt stop? Smaller segments of it? And what would you even get out of such a solution, other than making things more complicated? There's not much of an incentive to find a solution and fix it. It's a good question though so I don't think it deserves downvoting.

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This can be looked at both ways: I work for a manufacturing company and in our factories for our particular product, certain conveyor lines are in continuous motion. The conveyor belt is plastic as is the product so they will slide against each other if the product backs up on the line. And as AVAGAX said first, this design in the game makes it easy to travel around.
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I think it is fine, it allows you to move around the base.
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