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Shooting the Beacons with the color gun, the first colour changes the physical colour of the beacon. The second colour would change the colour of the beacons compass UI.

An easier way to keep track of your compass and exploration until you unlock the future map function.
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Nice idea but that doesn't solve the real problem with the Compass - clutter. There needs to be a  compass zoom feature so you can see the icons/text clearly. Then color would be more useful.
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I still believe colour will be more helpful, however I see what your saying.
I don’t know what mechanic you could add that wouldn’t make the game feel clunky.
Maybe something with the top of the lookout tower, where once you climbed to the top your compass auto zoomed?
I’m not sure if there’s a perfect fix the clutter or not, guess we’ll see what happens.
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Would be awesome if the beacons are more visible in the world.

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You can click on the beacon when you put it down and custom select and make a color, It's a little hard to see where it says color, click on that area. You can also name the beacons. I placed another suggestion to vary the size of the hud icons with distance, their current size being a close marker, maybe have 2-3 different size for 100, 200, 500, and 1000 meters. You can change the color, I did manage to figure that out at least and you can name them, but you also cannot tell your distance to any marker at all, even the map lacks a grid for reference on distances. Another thing that they could add, it would have to change with the zoom, but seems easy enough.
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