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The smart splitter's none and any option seem to be somewhat useless for actually doing the job you would like it to do which would be to split resources down to necessary levels for your production line.  I would like to suggest a change in how they behave.  My suggestion would be to have lets say cable being filtered left and any item for forward, to have the first cable go left then also allow the second cable to be able to pass through the any (forward) output.  This would prevent anything other than cable from going through the left but allow cable plus anything else on that line go through the front cable of course being split 50/50.  As for the none function im a little puzzled as to why it is even there any splitter can have a none function in that i just don't have to build a belt on that output.  For this I would suggest having none be any item that is not specified in any other filter so if I have cable going forward and wire going right anything that was not a cable or a wire would go down the path of the none path.  I understand that essentially that is how the any behavior currently functions but if we were to take my first idea then we would still want that purpose elsewhere.

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In my opinion it sounds more like your talking about a filter? for a smart splitter i think that'd be more of 3 go left for every 5 that go right sort of thing. As for your idea, i still like it it'd be nice to do that if you decided to have more than one item on a convyer to fill up the sweet cube or otherwise for example making it so you could fill it with whatever you were wanting. in this example, cables and lets say iron plates but you want only cables going to 1 station and cables as well as iron plates going to a second station.
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THIS! exactly this I want them to split in different ratios that I can choose how much goes which direction instead of using it to sort.
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