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It's not really a question, but I think it's very helpful so I decided to share it with you guys. 
I made a table, where you can find how many resources per minute you need to make something and how much you will make. Also per minute. It will certainly help with planning your factory, even offline.
I also added power consumption of production builidings and overclocked capacities. 
Here is how it looks like:
Here is link to table:

Let me know what you think, if people will be interested in this, I will keep it up to date. 

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yes, please keep this up to date. I may be a one of the few that would use this heavily every time i play through the game. it would help quite a bit with planning and i appreciate you putting in the 150%, 200% and 250% as well. would definitly change around the input side and output side though for the main one (i saw you have one with them switched didn't click it though as i got the general idea).
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I'll think about that, for me it was more intuitive to put output on the left to make it easier to find, but I see more people are thinking opposite :D
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nothing wrong with how you have it it's still pretty clear and if you really want to you can keep it with output on the left i mean it takes work putting this kind of stuff together you design it how you'd like it to be even if that requires just making the entire shape into a giant middle finger. you do you my dude that's just the way i'm used to is all.
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Just a thing though, the input on the constructor would only equal the output of a smelter. So, you can quite easily say that for 1 iron ingot smelter, you could need 2 constructor for iron bar, or 1 constructor overclocked at 200%. And thats if you don't underclock your smelter at 50% (so the output is equal to the 100% 1:1 process output of the iron bar.) and depending what purity is the node. Impure: 1 ore per cycle (equivalent to 30 ore per minute), normal: 2 ore (60 ore/min), pure: 3 ore.(90 ore/min)
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