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Please add a way to quickly gauge the amount of fuel in a biomass burner without interacting with it.

It looks like the yellow bar on the side is intended for that in the future. If not, it would be a perfect spot!
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Tbh, the most things that make you feel like you are actually in the game the better. This game does such a good job at immersing you and the less time you have to spend looking in menus the better, I definitely like this idea.
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I never needed more than 2 (from the HUB) + 2 single ones, then i switched to coal.
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this would also be cool for the trucks and other fuel users not just biomass burner
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I truely though that yellow bar was the gauge myself but i have to manualy run around maybe every 10 mins to top up my biomass burners, i also use cpontainer to load biomass into constructors to make biofuel lol it seams to work well.

What could be a good idea iss concidering were are useing tecnology things like maps and such should not even be an issues so with that being said what could be good in in the hub you have your "cosmetic" computers....why not have each screen telling you about different parts of your base for exsample tracking your power input to output. Also showing a graph of which burners are running low or just there levels in general.
You could also implement this for storage, breakdowns even one idea i thought would be looking at the CO2 output of your factory, lets say if your trying to sustain the planet or go full regalia on industrialisation.
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Think they should do this for all fuel consuming sources.

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Also, when you flip the switch down, the switch on the world model stays up. Unplayable! :)
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If you put biofuel in your biomass burner, it still shows "leaves" beeing shreddered. Absolutely Unplayable!!!!11
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Unplayable? dude.. :) Dont play another (pre) alpha in your life, if this makes a game unplayable to you.

Anyway, research and progress your way to Coal power - It'll take you an hour or two.
Coal Plants can take belts as source.
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I figured the smiley after the 'unplayable' would have given away the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which the comment was given.  For future reference: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/literally-unplayable
To clear things up, this is the best alpha I've ever seen of anything. No gamebreaking bugs, very smooth experience, these guys got their shit together. This game scratches my automation itch in a way factorio never could. The vertical aspect opens up whole slew of possibilities! Also standing atop your creation, and admiring all the cogs of the machine you designed and built to perfection, taking it all in, #feelsgood
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Sarcasm is difficult on the internet, nor were I aware that this particular term also had an sarcastic counter part - I should have known :)

That being said - I were referring the the comment of Marskuh, which I now understand also is sarcastic. the   !!111  at the end kind of made me see red :)
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No harm done :) Idle hands and all that, whatever shall we do for the next 8 days :(
Y'all got any more of them SatisCracktory? I got an itch that needs to be scratched ...

Alpha weekend will be over when I get home from work :( I've said my goodbyes last night, and let the game run to stockpile resources. Soon my precious, soon ....
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Biomass generators are meant only for 2 purposes:

1.- Early stages of the game (anyone with more then 20 played hrs most likely has acces to coal, fuel or even geothermal generators)

2.- When you are exploring and you find ships wreckage and it requires X ammountof Megawatts to open it (since there is biomass literally everywhere)

Therefore making it possible to auto feed your biomass generator make no sense
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usually biomass burners wouldn't be enough to open far-away-safes, they require 50-60 MW, so carry some coal or fuel with you and build a big fking generator, problem always get solved :)
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Exactly.  If necessary, with basic materials, I just build 2 or 3 biomass generators and the safe gets opened.
In the spirit of "Anything worth doing is worth Overdoing"... This is exactly why we need to be able to carry uranium rods without a  radiation suit. So we can plop down a nuclear power plant to open the safe on a crash site.  ;-)
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it would be nice to have an direct input but u can use coal generators later they are easyer to feed because coal can be mined
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