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Would be wicked if you could place down foundations that look like concrete, wood, or glass. I think having an assortment of flavors to pick from would really allow a user to make their base their own.

If you're like me then making your base look pretty and well organised is half the battle!
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Yes, I want it too! +1 voted

and about glass wall is here.

It is surprisingly important that can see inside and outside. Especially if we have only similar buildings. I think to lot of people were, when building a factory,  they feel like they are lost in the forest. I have had such experience in a real factory. And at this time, the sense of time is easy to lose.

but occasionally window and roof are can prevent it. Its should be able to reduce the burden on players.
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I want this too. What I really want is a glass foundation to use as a skylight because dayum it can get dark in an enclosed factory. Being able to build a glass observation deck over a waterfall would be pretty awesome too.
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Yes please. I placed foundations from my base to a bauxite node and I tried to build the foundations on top of a river. I think, I'd would be so awesome to drive with a car or simply run on glass foundations. I also think, glass foundations shouldn't be too cheap, considering they should be luxurious. So I'd love to see concrete mixed with SAM Ore. They could claim, that the SAM Ore mixed with concrete gives it light bending features, while still keeping the strength of the concrete.
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