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I left my Satisfactory running overnight and it seems like something is leaking. The save file jumped from 21mb to 49mb and it takes upwards of ten minutes to load. When I do load, the game is incredibly sluggish even on minimum graphical settings.

The only new thing I did in the last 24 hours was introduce vehicle automation? Previously I hadn't used self-driving stuff at all, now I have. But I don't actually think there are any vehicles with self-driving currently enabled.

Here's the problematic save file: https://f000.backblazeb2.com/file/iameli/KWA_270319-094103.sav


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Yep, definitely looks like the same problem. Thanks for breaking it down in more detail!

I reverted back to a save that didn't have autopilot tractors, will hold off for now.
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I had this issue too. It was due to leaving a vehicle recording (I lost the vehicle when it fell off my sky bridge into the water). Finding and deconstructing the vehicle fixed the issue (fps immediately returned from unplayable to normal).

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I hope you found a resolution in the comments below sa this was probably your issue. I however give you this from Patch Notes - Satisfactory webpage for information:

Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.102 - CL 96463

Hello Pioneers!

Alongside working on the April content update, we just pushed another small patch addressing load time bloat due to vehicle recordings and some of you not being able to save the game. To do the latter, we moved the save location out of ‘My Documents’. On start-up after the patch is downloaded you’ll have a backup of your saves in the old location and all your saves will be migrated to the new location. The new location is:



• Fixed vehicle idle recording issues bloating load times and FPS

• Fixed some players not being able to save by moving the save location


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