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Suggestion: This is purely cosmetic (as i love the walkways not requiring supports - makes life possible). But it would be nice to be able to cosmetically add supports after the fact. Especially for long spans.

Presently i'm using a strange array of power poles and cables to make it look like a suspension bridge...

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Did u try conveyer poles?

edit, made a screenshot: Screen

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Yeh i immediately thought they'd look perfect but they don't seem to match up in height so you always end up with a gap between the walkway and the pole. Maybe it'd be easier to have a snap to feature for the walkways or the poles I don't know. It's only a very minor cosmetic thing really. I'm happy enough without, just thought it'd be nice. :-)
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the gap is very little noticeable. imo its perfect ;) but only my oppinion ofc
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Great idea for "short" elevations. Conveyor poles are 6m max. I need one between 24 and 26 m tall.
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