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there are already a lot of suggestions to improve the splitter/merger mainly concerning the clumsiness of these big thingies.

The size wouldn't be a problem for me if they were able to do sth. that is on the same level as their size:

Mk. 1: Only splitting

Mk. 2: Configurable splitting: So I have a line of coal generators, the easiest and resource-wise most effective way to give them coal is by having one long conveyor belt with one splitter in front of each coal generator input. But with the current linear splitting this would mean the first coal generator would get the most and the last one the least of all. If you've got an even amount of coal generators you need to split them in half, in half, in half ...., which is even more clumsy than the splitters are already. An uneven amount of coal generators would than be like really really ugly.

Mk. 3: Allow sorting, I mean demanding this can mean that you produce very few of each product transporting over one conveyor belt or that you have a very fast conveyer belt. I believe the last one will be the most relevant one.

I would kinda think that Mk. 2 is mandatory to build a factory that has a lil bit of modularity on producing different things.

Well and lil things like make them stackable on themselves, conveyor belt poles etc. .

I know that this was kind of mentioned already spread over like 3 threads, but I did not find a single post that made me feel: "He wants the same". So thats why I posted it. Love to here improvements/recommendations.
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you can easily give coal to all your generators at the same rate, lets say you have 5 or 6 of them, you put a splitter in front of the 2nd one and the 5th one, then connect 1, 2 and 3 to the first splitter and 4, 5 and 6 to the other splitter, then you make another splitter and connect those two to this central one that will get all the coal, this way they will all get an even amount of coal
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Yeah, but it needs really much place, because of the three different ways. And currently I have 10 coal generators.
I mean you basically build a tree where each node per level needs to have the same amount of children (2 or 3). 10 can not be divided by 3 so we split it by 2. And 5 does now make another problem since it's a prime number.
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well if you have 10 coal generators i think you should move on to fuel generators already, you need to complete phase 2 of the project assembly first
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10 coal generators is the maximal amount that can be fed by one coal source node with a miner mk1. And I have plenty of energy left. So... nope not the need to currently.
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im just saying, one fuel generator produces 150MW so you could replace the 10 coal gens with 3 of the fuel ones, and thats without even overclocking, then you could use the coal on foundries (about 111 coal per minute that was being used on generators would be free to use)

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if you find yourself caterium and complete the research tree for it in the M.A.M. you will find that there are smart splitters, and programable splitters to dictate what goes down what belt, if you cant find any caterium there is some on an island kinda south west of the grass field spawn. i wish you the best of luck in your exploring.
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Oh... thank you. That is sth very important that has passed me. I will check that out.
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Okay so these are called smart splitters but they do only fullfill the least important of my to ideas. I think that a selecting splitter isn't really important. Maybe it is a nice feature. If we will have sth like a central station from where specific splitters can be configured by remote. But even then, it would be better to set an amount until the splitter shuts the connection again.
This sorting stuff is really overrated, since I dont see any real reason why you should even start mixing ressources.
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@ MrTrying2BEffective

Simple reason: a few trucks with mixed resources. Or do you want 1 truck per resource?
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