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Hello !!

Well, it's fine to sell an advance access, 30 euros, while the multiplayer is UNJUSTABLE !!!!! impossible to join a multiplayer game.
After NUMEROUS tries with questions on the forum, we finally managed to play for 3 hours, royal!
Today after the update, impossible to play despite all the manipulations done yesterday.

Your game is awesome, but completely spoiled by this bug. Many players are affected by this problem.
No response from you !!!
You are supposed to be listening to the player, especially in this phase of play !! Where are you? what do you do with our money?

Here are the actions already done:  -Add satisfactory and factory games in the firewall.  -eliminate the ghost player in the game -use hamachi - Uncheck the box "send data" Solution 1 and 2 allowed us to play yesterday. The Hamachi solution allowed us to connect to the game today, but it was impossible to move, do an action, or load the card properly. The game crash after 5 min. We have tried all existing solutions to date, we are desperate ...

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You knowingly bought an unfinished game. Stop being angry and calmly provide actual feedback and report unknown bugs. Do not buy early access if you don't like being involved in the development of a game, because that's literally what it is. You said yourself that this issue is known - so don't report it. You won't gain anything.
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