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I believe it is the southernmost geyser of the two on the top hot spring, but I am not sure at this point.  I have tried everything from placement attempts at different angles, rotating the generator, placing foundations down first, doesn't matter.  The other geyser was just fine.

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I realized the same, that Area is endgame area. As far as i know it isnt finished yet. There are ore nodes without the textures of the nodes. I guess it will get fixed later
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How did you get that map view?
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It's a screen cap of my own map based on one of the hi-res maps in the Reddit sub for the game.
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I've had this same issue with the northernmost geyser in a cluster of three on the far east side of the map, near a uranium node. If the geothermal generators worked like the miners and you could place them on foundations this would be an easy fix, but they only seem to lock directly to the node itself and completely ignore foundations.
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