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This issue seems to be partially known, but as I'm not certain to what extent, I will still share all my findings. This is a bit of a technical issue (non-gameplay) that might be the reason why some people are experiencing the game refusing to launch. I don't currently fully understand it, but here's what I've gathered.

I believe I'm "breaking" saves by encoding them incorrectly (As UTF-8).

I was messing around with my savegames. What's interesting is that I'm seemingly never experiencing issues when there's an empty UTF-8 encoded .sav file, or one that contains anything I completely authored manually. I am very unsure under what conditions exactly a savegame file causes this issue, as some non-readable files were simply ignored in testing (not shown in the load menu)

The broken save was not the last used save, I had never used it on the (Windows 10) virtual machine I'm testing on. Other imported saves work perfectly fine. When I launch the game with a broken save in the savegames folder, I only get a black screen (or, sometimes, the first "satisfactory" splashscreen is shown and then freezes), and eventually the game closes. There is no crash report. If I delete the broken savegame file while the game is in that black screen state, it actually starts (continues?) loading perfectly fine.

Similarly, when I start the game and *then* drop a problematic save file into the savegames folder, the game continues to run until I press the "load" button, at which point it instantly freezes and closes without a crash report.

I should add that problematic save files are not caught by verifying game files.
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