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Hey ! So each time i save and quit , the games creates a new clone of me , and empty my Inv.

It's really annoying , but it's kinda fine , i can still play (I just have to be careful not the leave with my inv Full of important stuff)Clones

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I start the game directly through the Epic Games Launcher.
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Hmm, I just pushed one of these clones out of my factory area with the tractor. I will have to see if another was left when I exited out this morning. I have 2 clones at the moment. I wonder if the critters would attack these.
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Ok , so i find out something. Because i live in a studdent bulding , the internet connetion is blocking games , voice chats etc... (I can fix it using a VPN) , because the Epic Launcher considered that i was "Online" because of my wierd connetion , this "clone" appears. I just continued playing right now , but used the VPN this time , and no close appeared. So does this happends only on Offline mode ?
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i think there is something wrong with your login procedure - you should have all the time the same id ingame - given by your account at epic - but for some reason your do not have the same id all the time.
Actually we need a savegame editor to find out....
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+1 I just lost 3 power shards and a full inventory due to this bug.

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Kill those bastards! xD. Seriously, it works. You will even recover your old inventories.
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