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I posted this on Reddit as well.

  • Map brakes if someone enters while the host is in the initial cinematic (keys such as Q and F doesn't work).
  • When a client leaves, their character model stays in the same place and if killed the next time they join they will get a new character leaving the other one invincible and preventing from building in that location, plus they lose inventory.
  • Sometimes loading a world or a save might cause the host to be in the situation above.
  • Getting ran over by a truck while you are using the build tool to place holograms of buildings seems to crash the game (crash log was sent directly to developers, couldn't copy and paste here).
  • Trucks sometimes start going the wrong direction and they disappear but the icon keeps showing it's in one direction when autopilot is enabled (lost one truck because of that).
  • Conveyor Splitters and Mergers sometimes clip through other buildings while you are placing them (you could build them inside a storage if you wanted and that's annoying).
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The problem with this kind of posts is that People cant vote on the issues they also have, which results in this will keep having a low score... Which almost makes it almost invisible to us when we decide which bugs to work on.

Also by posting many issues as one, you bork the search functionality which is there to help you find previous posts on the same subject (that you can upvote to help us find the issue to fix it)

Please, separate this post as separate ones (if that post does not already have the same issue submitted, in that case upvote that instead! [and possible comment on them to help make them better])
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