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I died 4 times in a row trying to get the weapon to work on the first alien that attacked me 5 minutes into the game. Either it's not doing any real damage, or the timing is off.  One more death and I would have rage quit and deleted the game.  This is not a good new player experience.
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I lost the starting weapon on the first hostile mob and could not recover it or the starting block. All progress completely halted. Could not recover body becasue of same said hostile mob. Yet another game that seams to think a flyswatter is an appropriate defensive weapon against a bear. Might as well toss the weapon and just wait for death since you can't fight bare handed.
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On feather tailed animals it only takes 4 hits, doesn't even require you take damage, the fire spitting ones I have not fully attacked since start but while I agree you should not spawn on top of these predators, they do wander away some or you can get its agro and take it away from your death box, it is really not that hard to get around.

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Do you just need a rocket launcher or works a god-mode tank with auto-aim and nuclear projectils better for you?

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