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Sometimes resources are near enough each other that a single truck station could service both resources, or a single truck could service both stations at the resources. The problem then is when the truck returns to unload its cargo, there's no control over what gets unloaded into which station and it can cause issues. Example situation I personally had happen.

I have 2 truck stations near each other, one producing coal for my coal power plants and one producing steel. I attempted to have one truck service both by carefully setting up the route to start at the destination coal station, the one where the coal is unloaded for my plants. I then drove to the coal pick up station, let it load, then drove back to the coal destination. From there, I went to the steel pick up station, loaded, then went to the steel destination station to unload, went back to the coal pickup station, then back to the coal destination station and saved the route. It worked great for a while then after a point I noticed my steel beam and pipe production had shut down, thus shutting down my encased beam and stator production. I tracked it back and somehow the truck had unloaded coal into the steel destination station and when the coal hit the constructors it all shut down. I cleaned up the coal mess and just put two dedicated tractors. I think the coal destination station got full so when the tractor went back to get the steel it also had coal in it and that got unloaded into the steel destination station when the tractor got there.

I love efficiency and if a single truck can realistically service multiple stations, I want to be able to set that up but as is, I can't because the stations just unload whatever they feel like. If the stations could have been set to only unload specific resources, this would not have been issue and very efficient truck routes can be set up.
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Here, have a couple screensnips of the .17 Factorio train GUI. It is exceedingly powerful.
https://i.imgur.com/TiHXygQ.png  https://i.imgur.com/dirnlay.png
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That looks useful af
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I like the idea but only as a higher tier upgrade. Initially problems like these should keep you busy a bit, annoying as it may sound..
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Yeah, Factorio wins at vehicles in general for now.  But I don't expect that in the long run.  Factorio has badass trains... But Satisfactory has trucks and trains.

It's a matter of time for the devs to find the right ways to solve these kind of problems.  My current build prioritizes vehicles over belts for transporting items around and it works amazing.  Even with the inconveniences.

Tractors for short range, trucks for long range.  Every truck stop uses mk2 storage to buffer to the factories.  

I've been keeping top tier production in central factory, trucking in from outposts that mostly produce tier 1 items.

Even though I've gotten all this working... If I had tools to have trucks wait for cargo conditions and filtered loading/unloading..  I could spare a lot of confusion/truck wrecks.
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I drove by my truck station with my rover and it accidentally picked up some cables. Clogged up my whole coal line and the 6 belt lines feeding power plants... yeah try fishing wires out of so many splitters (you can’t). I had to scrap them all and rebuild. Yes add unload filters please!!!
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