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When crafting items like iron plates from iron ingots, if there are multiple stacks of iron ingots in the player's inventory, the game could use the smallest stack first.  For example, in game right now I have three stacks of iron ingots with 2, 5, and 72 in them (yes, I forget to sort them :P).  When crafting iron plates, it pulls from the stack of 72.  However, if the game pulled from the smaller stacks, it would clear up spaces the player's inventory faster. There are a couple niche circumstances where, if the player's inventory is already almost full, this could also allow you to craft more items without having to sort them first.
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Allowing inventories to auto-sort would also fix this.

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This has been suggested already:


Try checking the list of similar posts that appear after entering the title wink

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Pulling from the smallest stack is probably OK for the player inventory, but the current behavior of pulling from the last matching slot seems useful as is for storage containers.

I've taken advantage of it to control which of mixed storage is pulled out by conveyors.

For example, I have a buffer box that holds iron rods and iron plates from a merged input line, and spools some out to another overflow box. I occasionally adjust the first box so it has ~1 rod each in the top half of the boxes slots, and some plates in the bottom. As new rods some in, they fill the top half left-to right. As new plates some in, they fill the bottom left-to-right as well. But the output pulls out the plates right-to-left, so I always end up with more space for rods and just plates in the output, which works out nicely.
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yeah its hard to hit the autosort button in the inventory cheeky

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