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This happened on a multiplayer session.
I was not the host.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Click respawn
2. Disconnect immediately
3. Connect

There will be a new player model lying on the floor where you died. You can revive him by pressing and holding E and he will stand up with all your items.

Also works multiple times. I did not manage to somehow get my items back from my inventory when I died since this "new phantom player" has all of them.
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Is this the same issue: https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/11761/saving-whilst-dead-and-reloading-will-completely-break-game ?

(Trying to collect all of the same issue in one place, in case there is a solution.)
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It looks very similar yes. Except that I managed to revive the dead player and he is standing around in my base since then.
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I revived myself again now, and my "other self" is now just standing there. So seems to be the same thing. The silver lining is that the zombie that is my previous self, is far away from my base so I don't have to look at its stupid face :P I am a little bitter for losing all the hard drives it took two days to collect, can you tell?

Just to be clear, I realize this is early access. And by that measure, it's amazing! A really great game, that I've already spent so many hours playing, and will continue playing after full release. Satisfactory in early access is more stable that some released games. All cred to the developers!!
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Exactly my words.
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