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When building small scale the way you build and connect things is fine. But as soon as you have a bit of distance hitting those 4 pixels to connect the belt to the other end in the distance (or power line) gets quite annoying. Almost as bad as walking back and worth between the points to connect multiple thing. (i.e. building a bus of 10 lanes between 2 outposts).

Being able to zoom in while placing a belt to more precisely aim (a simple FOV increase using the scroll wheel for example)
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In addition to your suggestion, I would like to see a zoom out/pan/tilt function when building. Because I find there is a lack of overview when building.

This is one of my major concerns, because I find it quite hard to see where my building will land after being built and how they are placed relative to each other, even with the "snap to guidelines" feature is used.

It could be scrolling with mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

You got my vote ;)

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A "quick zoom" button would make this so much more easier and less annoying for those small details.

I would say ideally you want this to be a toggle type button just like Ctrl/Alt/shift.

Hit (and hold) button, you get a X times zoom (3x, 4X ?) around the cursor. Release the button, you return to regular view.  That basic zoom is already available in photo mode. So the principle is already there.  Then the movement of the cursor also needs to be in this more detailed/finer mode.

Would be great for building at a distance (connecting belts mainly, because even close to the stackable pole. Hitting the right spot for a 10-12 stack high layer gets a bit tricky.

It would also mean a better quality experience when trying to snipe with the Rifle.
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