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Could deploying the portable miner be streamlined? Like, bind it on the hotbar to select & use minecraft-style. It's pretty cumbersome to open the inventory and drag it to the active item slot, only to do the same to re-equip the stun gun afterwards.

Alternative; automatically re-equip the stun gun after deploying a portable miner. Not perfect, but even in a worst-case (user wanted to equip something else or deploy another miner) doesn't increase the amount of clicking from the current iteration.
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hotbar bindings would be awesome
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Agreed. Including healing stuff like berries and nuts, everything that can be held in the hand should be switchable in a reasonable amount of time (< 2s).
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I also had this gripe. I found myself wanting to scroll through my hand items like any other FPS. This would not be difficult. You could make a separate "tool belt" area that has all the hand items and you could pick the top 3 or top 5 that you use and just scroll through them (chainsaw, Zapper, Berries, Portable Mine)
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How often do you place down a portable miner? I placed down about 5/6 total. 2 iron, 2 copper, 1 stone, 1 coal. Each of which was replaced by a full miner eventually. It certainly wasn't frequent enough to need anything more. The portable miner is super low tech, so it kinda makes sense for you to have to have to go through the caveman's process of getting it out by hand.
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I agree - the ui part could have been easier - but as you say, it is a very infrequent thing to have to do and for early starts in the game it would be expected that basic tasks are not as efficient to action.
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Sure it's infrequent, but that's a poor excuse for needlessly complex UI. When you *do* set them up, you're likely to be setting several up at the same time, so the issue presents itself in a large, if short-lived way at that point. Further, the issue extends to other 'tools' like berries, and to switching between the chainsaw and stun-gun a little later on which you may well end up having to do frequently when exploring and clearing forrested areas.

Manually emptying the miner is, as I see it, the intended handicap for its low tech level. I wouldn't mind some additional requirement like having to charge it somehow (to balance against the mk1s needing a power line) but the deployment UI could use some work.
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They have a very nice, already implemented radial menu system that you would think would be tailor-made for switching between things in the main hand.

It would just need to be dynamically populated from the placeable/usable objects in your inventory and have a mechanism that is reasonably deterministic.

Then switching between main hand objects would be as simple as press-and-hold, drag, release.
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Any reason the portable miner needs to not be a building constructed the same way as the rest? I've forgotten the tutorial already. Maybe it make sense for that?

To cover the Miner Mk1 usage of the item, you could fold the cost in directly, or require some other intermediate constructed item.

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Basically saying the same thing, but not completely identical:


Just showing the connection, so that it can be looked at as single suggestion.
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there are....
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