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When joining a game the window that says, "Joining online session" comes up and stays that way for about 30 seconds to a minute. It then goes to the loading screen and the splash page. After those two pages go by it then takes me right back to the main menu without joining the game. No error messages come after or before.

Both my friend and I have an exclamation mark by each others names. We have both added rules to our Firewall and restarted. We have tried port forwarding but maybe not to the correct ports? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Have you and your friend tryed to use the invite feature in-game?

Have you tryed on the local network before and checked if that works?

When you launch the game for the first time windows ask you to add an exception to the firewall, but only for the private network. Have you checked that your connection to your home network is set to private or clicked the checkmark to allow on non-private network (would not recommend this, but nice to do to check if its working. Its better to have it on private only).

This is what i can think of now. But ill try to help if this does not fix it.
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We have tried in Invite feature from both sides. We have allowed an exception in the firewall. We have tried private and non-private networks as well. The only thing we have not tried is a local network which would be very difficult to do.  All of that and still no luck.

However, both of our Host NATs say "TBD". What would this mean or would this affect it?
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We had the same problem with multiple friends. Switching hosts, joining through invites/directly, disabeling firewalls or just allowing satisfactory / Epic programms to get through, nothing worked before or even after the latest patch. It is stuck in the initial loading screen.
The only partial solution we found is to use a hamashi relay server. Once we use this we can join each other, the loading player takes around 15 minutes of loading even for a small base before he can move (some objects never load btw). Afterwards, one can move but every interaction (picking leaves, getting shocked with the xeno-zapper, etc) is delayed by another 15 minutes between it happening to the host vs the other player. After 20 minutes the game then crashes for everyone. (Again sadly no difference pre/post update)

If a developper is reading this, I saw a lot of people asking about the exclamation point in the joining console that has no explanation. Could you please clarify what exactly it means in another Q/A, FAQ, or on discord ?

Btw love the game, still great in singleplayer but will probably be even better in multiplayer, I'm grateful that this seems to be the issue you are most focusing on :-)
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what If i can't use a hamashi relay?
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I was having the same issue with me and my friend

Checked everything same as u but overlooked one thing, my router

Both me and my friend forwarded ports through our routers directly to our pc's and it ended up solving the issue for us

from other things i read 50000-65000 port range covers all possible ports that satisfactory could use

If a dev reads this and is able to give us a smaller list of ports to forward, it would b much appreciated
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um this is still not a acceptable  fix but i hope thay do fix this in the futuer
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