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I wouldn't be too disappointed if not. But i feel having an item sorting building would be a big help especially to those who are bad at managing logistics. it would help save space and time if you could have one truck station unload different kind of items from different trucks and then have it go through a sorter to put them on separate conveyor lines. Again, not exactly needed because if you are good enough as it is then you shouldn't have a problem with that as it is. just thinking ahead on what would make life easier. i also haven't seen any talk of this yet so i thought i would just see what peoples thoughts where on this topic.

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There's already a smart conveyor splitter that I'm pretty sure does that. You might have to find caterium ore first (if you know where the coal closest to the first spawn is, one caterium node is near that but it's one you can't put a miner on)
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There is one in the "South" on the coast by a couple waterfalls. You need to build a bridge to it but it is unencumbered with rocks and the like. I use it to supply my base a short distance away. There is another one on another floaty island close by but it has a rock on it.

Also in the immediate area are 2 stone mines and 8 iron mines.
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