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I have found when exploring the south east portion of the map that some resource nodes will respond to a ping but will not be physically present when you arrive.
You can still place a resource miner on the vague area that the ping shows and it will indeed extract the resource but you cannot manually interact with the location yourself.
Strangely sometimes reloading the game makes the resource nodes physically reappear and at other times the nodes will refuse to load. However consistently this seems to get worse the further you travel.

Consistently invisible nodes have been the cluster of coal nodes in the south of the Dunes area. South of the oil patches. And the Caterium nodes north east of the Dunes oil patches.

These nodes will not appear regardless of the number of times I have reload the save or when I visit them on other saves.

There are several varying kinds of ore node on the eastern tip of the Baobab forest that will not be loaded the first time you visit but can appear on a following reload. This seems to happen more often with a Quartz patch in that area.

In summary; resource nodes seem to fail to load their resource patch models the further south east you travel, even upon subsequent reloads.

Thank you for reading.
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my only issue was a non-existent coal node.

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I think that area of the map is unfished. In the Roadmap it says end of may  "overhaul late game areas"
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