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Rotor recipe requires 132 screws per minute, one assembler can produce 90 per minute. LCM(90,132) = 1980, which means balanced production requires 15 rotor assemblers, 22 screws assemblers and 18 rod assemblers. IMO such recipe would be ok for endgame, but not for tier 3 requirement.
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What about Overlocker?
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With overclock you can have 6x250% rotors, 8x250% + 1x200% screws, 6x250% + 2x150% rod, this is still too much for tier 3.
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#1 You don't NEED to balance it to produce it. You can have wasted time waiting on one resource or component.
#2 for Tier 3 unlock, rotors are fast enough to make, you could make 50 of them at a crafting table before you could get the constructors and assembler configured. Maybe make a balanced rotor crafting line later in the game when you need more than 50 of them.
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Though it is possible to connect storage container output to space lift, it is expected that player will make automated setup to feed space lift instead, probably will try to balance it, and will be disappointed. The question is not about how to avoid creating balanced assembly line, but about difficulty of the recipe for this early game.
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The recipe is very simple.  Rods and screws.  You are complaining about nothing.  Stop complaining.  Not everything in the game has to be balanced.  And you can wait until end-game to balance it.  I have not connected a single conveyor to the space elevator and I have maxed out the current available progression, so stop complaining.

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If you want to set up a rotor production, you will most likely not run the rotor assembler at 100% clockspeed, especially not on tier 3.

As you mentioned you need 132 screws per minute at 100% clockspeed. Your MK2 conveyer however only has a capacity of 120 units per minute. That means your screw-input is no more than 120 per minute. That's your hard limit and that is what you will adjust your production line to.

120/132 = 0,909 -> 91% - that is the clockspeed you will use for your rotor assembler.

The required 16,38 (~17) iron rods per minute you can get with an 114% overclocked constructor or with 2 iron rod constructors that produce the required total together.

From there you can scale this up as you like to.
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Yep, that is another balance question I have in my head. There should not be recipes available which you can't balance because of conveyor. This includes reinforced plates, they do require conveyor mk2 and automating them available way before. Such recipe just make no sense to me from gameplay point. Everything should be possible to balance ideally in automation game.
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I'm so glad you are not a video game designer.  There would be a lot of crappy video games.
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