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The current save file format appears to be rather bulky. My latest save games are exceeding 25MB in size.

When I transferred my 800MB SaveGame folder to another PC, by zipping it, I noticed that the size of that zip file was a mere 40MB.

Turns out these save files can be compressed a lot. (At the cost of a bit of loading / saving time, of course)

I would like to suggest that SatisFactory compresses their save files.


  • Less disk space used. (Especially on laptops where disk space is still at a premium)

    • I noticed a > 90% size reduction using 7-zip in .7z and .zip formats.

  • Easier / faster transfer of save files between devices.

  • For online play, the loading time might even be lower, considering you'd only have to download 5% of the data.


  • Increased loading / saving cpu load and time. (Although those are surprisingly fast already, imo)

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It's very likely the multiplayer data stream is compressed.

I expect the save will be compressed when it hits release, for now it's probably easier to look at save files in their uncompressed state and edit them.
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I hope it will come.. my 210mb save creates a 2-3sec freeze every 5min.. on top its very unhealthy for a ssd and size...and it will become bigger.. i am now at around 1/5 of that stuff i want to build..
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I don't know how compressing the file will help you get less time on autosaves given the compressing operation is a separate task.

I don't agree with this suggestion at all, it would be harder to edit files if needed.
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faltónico: You need an editor to edit save files, any way. Decompressing compressed save files is trivial compared to figuring out what to edit.

About autosaves: It shouldn't make much of a difference. The compression step could be done in a separate thread that doesn't block the game's flow.
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As a side note (from discord chat) if you have compression, it could be a smart idea to have it an option for people to disable. Compression would increase the performance hit you get when the game saves\loads... if you allowed it as an option then people on slower systems could choose if they want a larger hit or to save disc space.
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