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At start i join my friend game at multiplayer,i was test join my friend game will crash or not. after test was no crash so i pick item craft item and equipment it was no problem at after i went to build think,i click q at keyboard and the crash the game and after that i test got same problem.the next thing is bug ,that was a bug i think becouse when i play with friend at multiplayer, when he build foundation or wall will disappear few block.so any suggest ?

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I've seen the invisible foundations before as well in multiplayer only. I verified that another player can see the foundation blocks. I can not see them but I can walk on them though since my client does not see the foundation it tries to make me fall, but the host knows it's there and constantly tries to correct my position. This results is a jumpy movement across the foundation. It is solved by another player removing and replacing that piece.

I believe this is just having to do with network latency / lost packets.

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Have you tried to set the Options -> Gameplay -> Network Quality Setting to High or Ultra.
In my session when the host set this Setting higher then the Game Response is faster / Lag free.
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