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Bugs in Multiplayer mode (when I'm not the host)

- Sort button for container didn't work

- Some poison plants not visibles

- Some cut trees always visibles

- Some Nut and berries visibles, pickable but give 0

- Edited Color reset after enter again in the game

- Sometimes structures not visibles when i build them

- All my Boost are desactivated

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More bugs about this situation (when I'm not the host):

- Truck station content is not available

- Production content of mine is not available

- Truck auto pilot nodes always shown as pause nodes

- Power pole with blank graph after manage cables, add equipament, etc. (generators are not affected)

- On build of conveyor to the support, sometimes the red invalid mark take many time to disappear (same after disable builder mode, finish the conveyor or disassemble the support or conveyor, only disapper with time)

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We had the same issues with friends and we fix it yesterday by upgrading the Value in Option > Network Level > High.

Without that, only our friend who is the host had his game OK.

Hope it will help
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Not all are fixed with the network level. I have tried medium-high-ultra with my friend and most of them still happen. Guess gotta wait a multiplayer bug fix patch
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