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I saw that in another game and it would be a nice quality of life upgrade. Basically you have for Example 4 Hotbars and you can switch between those with the Keys F1 - F4.

The Players could have 1 Hotbar with Conveyor Belts and Poles, 1 with some stuff like walls and foundations, 1 with some machines and 1 for other Stuff, maybe include in the Hotbar Tools and Weapons as a Hotkey for Equipping and unequipping those is a common request
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Like Space Engineers, right? Also, this is a duplicate of some other threads that should have been visible while creating your post :P

Space Engineers lets you swap among hotbars with Ctrl+1-0, ten in all.
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Are you sure? Im pretty sure there was no mention of multiple Hotbars over the F Keys. I saw a bunch that want a Hotbar for tools what I wrote like that.

It wasnt Space Engineers, I havent played that game for years. It'Factory Town a realy cute Factory building Game..
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@Wombat this is the Space Engineers UI for hotbar swapping. Only Ctrl+1-9, but still. I think this way would be preferable to 'f1-f4'. https://i.imgur.com/qhPA20Z.png
Also, Factorio has 'Select quickbar x', 'rotate active quickbar', and 'next/previous active quickbar' shortcuts
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Me and a friend have played alot of Space Engineers before Satisfactory and we'd really think it would really improve the game and it would also be nice if we can chose the keys to switch the hotbars by ourselfs because i like to put them onto the mouse thumb keys (Ctrl+1-0 by default)
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I like for Scrap Mechanic uses F1 to F3 for switching hotbars
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