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Blade runner - An Exoskeleton for your lower legs

Jetpack - Back / Body

Gas Mask - Head / Face

Any chance for us to actually equip all three of these at once? I mean, technically they don't cancel or augment each other (aside from parachute, which has to be replaced if you want to equip jetpack).
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Why would that be OP? Only because you could sprint from a Mk4 Belt and "jetpack" right trough the hole map with Lightspeed? ;-)
But i support the Idea of using at least Gas Mask and one of those other Items at the same time.
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It's OP because using the JetPack+Legs lets you launch yourself up to the top of the skybox in a few seconds, letting you jump over any obstacle and reach the top of anything easily.
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I knew that ;-) Thats the Reason i gave a sarcastic answer :-) (at least i thought so :-D)
Running on an Mk4 Belt with Blade Runners, jumping at the last moment, switching then to jetpack and moving trough the map is already too powerful...
But Gasmask + 1 would be useful. Some poison Areas are only passable with the Jetpack.
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@Ionizer that's a bug, not an intended interaction.
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This is definitely something that's needed.

I just unlocked the blade runners despite already having the jetpack, making their "discovery" somewhat underwhelming. I could use their "fall" protection with the jet pack, but the game says "no, can't have that".

The gas mask, with the change to filter durability, now makes a lot more sense... yet I still struggle to use it because more often than not the terrain I need to traverse will be very uneven - thus I opt to take some damage and just fly with the jetpack rather than use the mask.

All of these 3 items should be useable at the same time. Legs, head, back - these should be separate, equippable, slots.

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It should be like that at the high tiers which gives you more body slots. And it would not be OP because it is a fun game where you can SATISFY yourself it is not a hardcore survival game or a PVP game which needs balancing for using jetpack and the blade runner at the same time.(Sorry for bad writing English is not my first language)
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