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A small bit of context:

I started making my factory multi-layered, which each layer being for each tier, basically. When I started out making T2, I've calculated the max height I'd need for the next floor based on all the T1 construction buildings I had to avoid clipping or placement issues. All was fine.

Then T3 came around, and I've repeated the process. Then I started to place down Manufacturers. I've realized that constructing heavy frames is mostly reliant on T2 components, so I wanted to place it on the T2 level. However, to my dismay, the Manufacturer is a just a LITTLE bit taller than all the other construction buildings, wrecking the plan quite a bit.

I get the idea to have the Manufacturer massive - but it already is, length and width wise. And it's only SLIGHTLY taller than the other construction buildings; I don't think it would look vastly out of place if it was slightly shorter...

Wouldn't it make sense to keep the height relatively the same across construction buildings, to facilitate multi-layered factories?
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The Oil Refinery is somewhat a Construction builing too and it is a lot taller.

Why not make your Factory taller? Do youlnot use Walkways over the Production? In my actual Save I use 5 Walls (more like 4.5 since the Foundation uses a half) as the hight of each Floor
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Sure, that's a possibility. But the thing is the refineries are very clearly a LOT taller. And they are, technically, under a separate sub-section. The manufacturers aren't, and they SEEM to be similar in height to the other construction basic construction buildings.

I realize this isn't a huge deal; thus only a suggestion, after all. ;)
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I'm using 3-tall walls with the thinner floors, and both manufacturers and constructors fit fine, what setup are you using?
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