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Right now, building walkways through the sky is a really cheap and easy way to manage travel around the world. Skyways are cool and show off some of the fantastic views around the planet, but they are available very early and don't require much in the way of investment.

I think long distance skyways should require a bit more factory to back them up. There are a few ways to improve this, but consider one or more of these:

  • Flat price increase. Most factories don't need that much walkway, so a flat increase mostly impacts the long-distance routes.
  • Increase price by altitude. Might strain suspension of disbelief, but is easy to implement.
  • Increase price by the distance from a foundation. This works great, but turns the question into "how do we make foundation skyways more expensive instead".
  • Also increase foundation prices by how far they are from the nearest ground connection. This also increases the cost of sky factories and encourages, but does not require, building on the ground.
  • Give those flying manta rays a pack of hungry child-rays that swarm out of them and hunt for FICSIT Flesh when it invades their sky. Make them smart enough to locate walkways and circle around them.
There are several solutions, including some other creative options. But we definitely need a bit more encouragement to stay nearer to the ground until we have a stronger factory propelling us forward.
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Given that you can (for world traversal) just use foundations (which are VERY cheap to make) this idea feels very artificial.  It also seems to solve a problem I don't think exists, really.
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I don't think that skyways and sky factorys are  a problem, i rather like them and enjoy building them, but i think something like a rocket thruster, that keeps your factory afloat would make building a sky factory more immersive and a bigger challenge
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I actually feel this is a pretty valid gameplay point.  That may resolve itself as the game becomes more fleshed out.  One of my biggest pet peeves in streamers and YouTube videos on this game... Sky factories.  After a certain point I find I have more resources than I can consume no matter what I do.  Power doesn't allow me to build enough to use the resources up.  The point of that being.  At this time the only real challenge is landscape.  It just feels like cheating in my book.
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