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I did most of the tech tree on my first playthrough with a terrible base, and then restarted the game on the Rocky desert map and tried to make a hopefully more functional base. Only problem is, this time around I didn't discover any Caterium ore. I have looked quite extensively, found 7 or so drives, S.A.M, sulfur, and quartz nodes and more slugs than I really have a use for. And all this without the super legs, because they require caterium. I am all for having to discover some resources to get further in the game, but maybe make it so there's an alternative, like after your third disc you can scan for caterium, or make the item scanner somehow point you to caterium as well, especially since some of the tech tree depends on it.
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No probs, and yea, not come across a caterium yet that was a. On ground level or, b. Attached to the main land. In sure there is some, somewhere. I just haven't found it.
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hallo there all new on the forum yust googling and found this i olso want too fid it cant find it lookd on youtube and stuff would any one wants too help me find it? would be great  friendlist name is ebond007 i hope anyone wants too help  it will be mutch help full thx in advanced with friendely regards Edwin
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I'd be glad to help mate, I'll come online now and wait for you if you're not on yourself. I'm in all day today.
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3 pure nodes are easy to find. One is in the far west central, just east of a crash site on the beach, up a small cliff. If you go south of there to the wide waterfalls, a pure node is on the first island west from the main shore. The third is south of there on a mesa with a pure coal node. Hope that helps.
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thanks will gonna look for that:D

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As there is only one map, i am pretty sure u are just not looking at the right spot east of the desert is one 100%
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Oh I know i am not, the problem is that there is no way to find out what the "right" spot is.
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One Caterium ore (ok 2 but one is blocked by a stone) is quite close. At those Waterfalls next to the Spawn area is one on a little island.
Another Caterium Ore Spot is at the Beach. Not on the Sandlevel but a few meters above on a small cliff.
If you move to the beach from the Jungle (Right Red Circle) its just a few meters after you entered the Sand area.
I can make a small video if you need it.
Some other places in other biomes.
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I ended up running into a familiar spot from my previous save and backtracked all the way to where I knew a node was. Still wish there was a way that didn't require extra knowledge.
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