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I build the space elevator but except unlocking the tier i haven't found much use of it yet. I didn't follow everything so i have no idea what comes in the future...  For now I'm a bit disappointed in how little i had to use it and the limit automation challenge it gives, it's doable just handcraft the newly items...

I have couple of ideas that i think of (some game changing?) to get more out of it:

  1. Higher item count to unlock the next tier?
  2. use previous tier items in next unlockes but increase the need. So one good automation setup early game is beneficial in the long run?
  3. Make the supplies for blueprint unlocks able by the space elevator so you don't need to carry 2500 copper cables by hand?
  4. Use it as trading place for items to get rid of excess materials? But I prefer the other idea's first...

Those are my first ideas. I'm not following every media of Coffee Stain so if there's a better future plan than you can just ignore my post ;-)

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If they removed the manual inventory access from the space elevator, this would actually give a reason to automate with conveyors attached and not craft manually, though you can still just attach a container and fill it. but maybe some coding could check for that to. FCST will not accept non quality checked materials...
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Sound more to force a player to use a object like you want instead of motivating to do...
Also very hard to code as you can place a splitter in between or if you have a buffer somewhere you want to get rid, you can't  use it...
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sometimes force is a great motivator... anywho it was a suggestion, I don't wonna force anything. They can make it an gameplay option a far as I am concerned.
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Honestly I'm not a fan of force as a motivator, not in real live nor in 'vanilla' games ;-) It's more a idea for a mod as people can choose their own challenge or make their own one :-)
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If mod support will allow such changes I'm all up for it. Maybe suggesting it will provide said mod support in the future. For that here's hoping that modding will allow to recreate the tech tree from scratch.
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my suggestion would be use the space elevator to unlock each tier sepperatly and each next tier needs more ( of the same? ) items to unlock.  Then it will be just like your providing materials for building a big space station needing more and more. The belt feeding of the elevator will realy add somthing.
another idea - elevator can produce energy: need to send many resources for build giant solar power plant on the orbit and get energy from it.

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I feel kind of the same. Currently, it feels like this:

In the elevator stage that you are currently at you usually do not have the required tech to mass-auto-produce the required stuff to reach the next tech level. So you end up handcrafting a lot of stuff to unluck the next tech, which then gives you the technology to mass-auto-produce the stuff you would have needed before, and then it starts all over again. It should kind of be the other way round.
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One could also make it so that you do not have to put in resources for your next milestone into your hub directly, but into the space elevator as well. The space elevator itself would need to get an output or at least a storage, where it puts out e.g. "Upgrade Modules / Hard Drives" for the next milestones / tech tier, which then need to be put into the hub or need to be researched in M.A.M. to unlock the next milestone / tech tier.
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Maybe, that's a bit more complex and more "game changing" as it's a extra step that require more time for the same result... It also need them to change the 3d model of space elevator a bit or the GUI.

I personally prefer having to provide the resources for blueprints to the space elevator instead of the hub :-)
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