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I have some nodes really far away from my base and would love a cargo train line here, yet I cant have it and I dont want to use trucks as they are not as reliable. Maybe trains should be moved to tier 6? Something like heavy modular frames or computers is not that easy to get, so in my opinion it would be really worth it, as well as encased industrial beams to build trucks. I just really would love to get to those trains earlier...
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Yeah Im on 3rd Save now and would still change some things like the high density of storage etc. I Just like to overkill things and thats why I want the train. I have 90 frames/second Line, and therefore feel like its too much but I love to have those high efficiency lines. Having 5 constructors isnt really anywhere near impressive, while 24 smelters look very sweet in one Line. Yet I feel tier 5 and 6 required materials in space elevator are too Little. 500 frames isnt really craftable, but 50 Motors took me about 10 minutes to do (as I said, no pipe Line until trains :) because currently, hub researches are harder to complete that these space elevator ones. I would multiply them by x10, to really be an achievement rather than Quick job completing them. The New tier unlockment should be an enthusiastic event, for me it was like oh great, lets go for high quantity Oil production! And im glad to do so but a train is what I dream of, to have that big freight yard in the back end of my factory, like irl big factories need good connections. Lets be honest - a conveyor moving at 440 items/unit, lets assume its like 5-10m/sec, isnt that realistic. I love however the part where you can use conveyor as high speed walkways, or better - jump booster. I have a base on a cliff about 200m above the Glass dessert as you called it, and I jump about 400m onto jelly pod near my Steel production entry bridge over a Lake, every jump is So much fun to experience the speed and soft landing :)
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Gotta admit, 500 frames was ridiculous, but mostly I gotta say I think things are well paced. And of course a conveyor moving 450/minute isn't realistic unless you're counting individual screws or something. But you're on an alien planet, strip mining it for some corporation with your holo-generated buildings, jetpack, exoskeleton and space elevator... If *that* isn't unrealistic, I don't know what is. Just take a moment to suspend your disbelief, think, it's future alien tech, take a deep breath and roll with it. If you can build and dismantle buildings and machines with your laser pointer, I don't think 450items/minute is that bad in comparison.
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Ether way, going to be end of may when we get them.
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Trucks are not as bad as some ai I've seen but them constantly turning upside down or getting stuck on things that are not there so they drain all their fuel and never move is a bit tiresome :)
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As for trains I don't mind them being in tier 7 I just wish they were already in cause I ran belts from all over map to my base to do things and I want to replace them with a train :)
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