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Every now and again the game won't launch and I get a "Couldn't start" error message. I can give more details of the message if needed, but I'll have to edit it down as it contains password and id details.

Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it for a while, but then it happens again and installing takes a long time.
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do you launch the game through Epic Launcher? and do you run the game as administrator?
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Yes to both of those

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I'm bit late but I had this problem and the issue was my anti-virus marking some game files and locking them in a "virus chest". I had to restore the files (adding exceptions) then it worked again.
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Thanks this worked for me, Avast had moved 2 files to the virus chest.
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Awesome, this works perfectly and is a lot quicker than reinstalling. Thank you so much.
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Try running the game through the main executable at "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame.exe" and make sure that .exe is not gonna run as admin, right-click it go into Properties > Compatibility tab > uncheck "Run this program as an administrator" and press Ok. Hope this helps!
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OK, happened again, running as admin or not makes no difference. Running from the main executable gives a smaller error message, ending with: CreateProcess() returned 2. Looking around I think that means its having issues with anti-virus software, but I have no idea how to get around that without turning it off.
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You need to find and whitelist the game executable in the firewall, if you only use the basic Windows Firewall you can search for "firewall" in the taskbar and open "Allow an app through Windows Firewall", then click "Change settings" and search for Satisfactory then check the box under Private (there might be two Satisfactory, check both). If the game is not showing up there click "Allow another app...", then "Browse" and search for the game .exe.
If you use another antivirus software they probably have their own firewall so you'll need to search on google how to whitelist.
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Now Whitelisted on both Windows own firewall and AVG, still getting the same error message. Sorry there is a slow response time, btw, it only happens every couple of days or so.
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well i dont know what you can do anymore, sorry
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No worries, thanks for trying. Its not stopping me playing the game, just adds an extra hour to re-download every few days.
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