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Dear Satisfactory Team,

i played this game alot and i love the game <3 I like you roadmap for the patches, but i would aadmit, that if you put in mor and more stuff, for some friendgroups it would be unplayable in multiplayer because the computer couldnt rock the servers on theyre own, so in my opinion i think is the neccessary to get externel servers or the possibility to build your own externel servers with the game to get the full fantastic experience in Multiplayer! So the question who will host or somebody hat to let his pc on and laggs could be fixed in the multiplayer:P Sry for my English greatings from Germany :*

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Hello R3DD3N,

Dedicated servers are already on their roadmap.

Have a look:


Early Access Launch - March 19

The first couple of weeks will focus on patching and hotfixing:
• Crashes 
• Most annoying bugs 
• Smaller QoL improvements 

Update #1 - End of April

• Quartz Research Chains 
• Sulfur Research Chains 
• Conveyor Lifts 

Update #2 - End of May

• Tier 7 (Nuclear and Aluminium) 
• Trains 
• Overhaul late game areas 

Further down the road - TBD

• Improvements on core gameplay and systems 
• The rest of the FICSIT Milestones and Tech Unlocks 
• More buildings, parts, vehicles and creatures 
• Complete narrative 
• More optimization 
• Dedicated Servers 
• Mod support 

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Then put dedicated servers from the roadmap into the 3rd update :D

(Maybe the 3rd update could be a technical/polishing update for the game, not with much content but with mod support and dedicated servers)
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I could not agree more
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