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Hey guys, I am absolutely loving this game. I haven't been this latched onto a game in years. However, I wanted to bring up my biggest issues with the game (multiplayer aside) and how to fix them.

I can't remember a game that I've played that had an equippable inventory system but only allowed us to equip one item on our player and one item in our hands.
I'm happy we have what we have its amazing to have jet packs and blade runners. My only issue is why can't we have these equipped at the same time? There's no reason to restrict us. At the very least we should be able to hotbar equipable items of both kinds. This obviously includes things like healing items and portable miners.

So here are my suggestions.

  • Let use equip all the gear the same time.
  • Also please give us two hot bars at the very least.
  • Alternatively, with two hotbars and the ability to place gear on said hotbars, we won't absolutely need more inventory slots to equip gear to.

There shouldn't be any serious reason keeping us from having two hotbars. It's already annoying that I can't keep everything I use frequently for building on a single hotbar. Also, afaik were not using the ctrl key, as there is no crouch (which would be cool to get), but we could easily just have the 2nd bar set to ctrl+1-0. 

I can't tell you how many times I've been working off map or at heights where I would die without the jetpack but because the blade runner movement speed difference is so important I still run around with them on and then fall off. I can sometimes save myself if I'm fast enough but not all the time. If we look at it realistically by the time we have tech for jetpacks and blade runners and space elevators wed be wearing full exo-suits anyways to keep us safe.

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Love it, yes. At a minimum, we should be able to craft combine the legs with the jet pack somehow. They don't counter each other at all. And I couldn't agree more with the 2nd hotbar. One for building, one for adventuring. It's hard to switch from chainsaw to weapon while being surprise attacked by x monster. I mean I can run away and do it, but why should I have to? And right now, I usually only use jetpack at base and legs while out because of run speed.
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