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I thought I could automate all the equipment crafting but the only recipe available is for gas mask cartridges which seems silly since you can't automate fabric construction (gathering leaves and mycelia).  I would like containers full of miners, chain saws, blade runners and jet packs.  Can we please allow for the automation of equipment?

Also while we're at it allowing buildings and vehicles to be held in inventory and also automated would be nice.
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idk about that, but I would like to be able to connect the crafting tables and even equipment table up to a storage box. That way you don't have to carry all the stuff. I mean if you are a master of automation, wouldn't that be a simple task?
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Well, vehicles and buildings as pre-constructs sounds quite over the top to me.
However,  I totally second the "Automate it All" about every item ingame (maybe just being available in future blueprint research)
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